The Situation and Bristol Palin release abstinence/safe sex PSA

Laura Donovan Contributor
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In one of the most unusual PSA collaborations to date, Bristol Palin and  the “Jersey Shore’s” Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino are featured in a new abstinence/safe sex video ad for The Candie’s Foundation.

In the video ad, Palin and The Situation exchange countless peculiar “situation” phrases, all of which allude to sexual intercourse, pregnancy, and abstinence.

“I know you’re all about that abstinence thing, you know…Come on B-Palin, you serious? Like, you’re not gonna hook up with…like, before you’re married? For real?” The Situation asks.

“For real,” Palin says.

“For real, for real?,” the Situation asks again.

“For real, for real, for real,” Palin responds.

“I totally respect abstinence,” The Situation says. “I mean, ‘abstinence’ has the word ‘abs’ in it. I’m The Situation, I love that!”

When The Situation offers Palin a golden Magnum condom, Palin declines, stating, “I avoid situations.”

After Palin tells The Situation to “Pause before you play,” The Situation somewhat incoherently responds, “PBYP, that ‘aint no, uh, PB & J sandwich. Bam, whapow, snap!”

WATCH: Palin and The Situation’s abstinence/safe sex PSA