Are Tea Partiers secret to Bristol Palin’s ‘Dancing’ success?

wrahn Contributor
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Despite frequently low scores from the show’s judges, Bristol Palin was chosen by voters to advance to the final round of ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars” as pop singer Brandy was eliminated.

Some media outlets have theorized that fans of Bristol’s mother, former Alaska Governor and Tea Party favorite Sarah Palin, are actively supporting the abstinence spokesperson to keep her in the highly rated dance competition. At The Hollywood Reporter, Marisa Guthrie points to a survey showing the show’s popularity among Republicans, Conservative talk radio host Tammy Bruce’s Twitter campaign encouraging her 14,000 followers to vote for Palin each week, and shots of Palin rehearsing in a Tea Party t-shirt.

Steven Cowan apparently felt the same way: the 67-year-old became so enraged over Palin’s success last night he blasted his television with a shotgun, leading to a confrontation with a SWAT team outside his rural Wisconsin home.  Bristol, however, sees less conspiratorial reasons for her success. “I’ve known that I’ve worked hard to get to where I am now,” Palin said. “I definitely feel like I’m one of the most improved dancers on the show.”