The women who snagged the ‘Sexiest Men Alive’ [SLIDESHOW]

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Yesterday, People magazine announced 2010’s Sexiest Man Alive: actor Ryan Reynolds.

According to the magazine, the characteristics earning Mr. Reynolds this coveted title are his “chiseled abs” and “love for [keeping his fans] laughing.” While we don’t consider “The Proposal” or “Definitely, Maybe” acceptable examples, he was pretty funny in “Van Wilder.”

Reynolds’ stock really went up, however, when his wife Scarlett Johansson was named GQ’s “Babe of the Year” just last week.  This, in turn, got us wondering whether the other “Sexiest Men Alive” were able to land equally attractive women.

Here’s a look at the women behind People’s “Sexiest Men Alive” 2000-2010: