The sweet sixteen of awkward family pet photos [SLIDESHOW]

Julia McClatchy (admin) | Contributor

Months ago, we examined the intricacies behind the 20 most awkward wedding photos. We realized, however, that there are many more untapped subjects in the world of awkward and uncomfortable pictures.

One thing that tends to make people act especially weird is their pets. It’s true – and if you think differently, go to a dog park and look around for about two minutes, then you’ll see.

Thankfully, not too long ago, Mike Bender and his partner, Doug Chernack, started after realizing that a high percentage of people submitted pictures with their animals in them because, you guessed it, they get a little crazy about them. Bender explains that “people love their pets so much, sometimes we do crazy things — and awkwardness ensues.”

Without further ado, here’s a look at some of the most awkward moments caught on camera:

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