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Bob Medlock, AKA my dad, explains how things should be

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It’s been a while since my dad guest-posted here. (Right after I got hit by a car, actually.) But he’s always paying attention to what’s going on, and he sees a few things that need fixing. Here’s Mr. Medlock, Sweet Ol’ Bob himself, to tell you what’s what:

I was sitting here raging at the TV and I realized I need to focus that energy. I know what I don’t like. But what fixes do I want? That forced me to stop and think. After my nap I made this list:

  • Let companies fail. If a company makes bad decisions, it should pay for them. If there is no penalty and management can count on the government to cover their mistakes, they will continue to make mistakes. The market will weed out the bad performers.
  • Means-test Social Security and Medicare. I know, I know, everyone pays into these programs. But if we don’t do something, this Ponzi scheme will collapse. Will $2,346 a month mean anything to Bill Gates when he retires? Will he miss it? Will Warren Buffett miss $2,346? They spill more than that out of their pockets when they sit down on the couch.
  • Increase the retirement age. We live much longer than our parents did when they elected Franklin Roosevelt. I think 70 to 72 would be a good age for full retirement benefits to begin.
  • Energy independence. Nuclear power. (What happened to those mini-nukes that you can bury in the neighborhood?) Drill everywhere. Shale oil. Yeah, yeah, wind and solar too. But put people first! Birds and fish may be important, but not as important as humans. And turn the water back on in California’s Central Valley.
  • Repeal Obamacare. Start over. Allow cross-state coverage. Tort reform.
  • Audit the Fed & the Treasury and let the chips fall where they may.
  • Is the Education Department necessary? I don’t know. Has someone compared national education results in the decades before DOE started in 1980 and the decades since?
  • Defund NPR and PBS. Tax support was a good idea when there were only three networks and a few independents on the air. They should have to compete now.
  • Control the border. Enforce current immigration law. Prosecute employers who break the law. Design a guest worker program. Make English the official language of the country.

I’m tired now. Nap time.

I’d say he’s earned it!

Jim Treacher