LeBron, Wade need to figure out roles — and start having fun

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MIAMI — Sometimes after a loss or a bad performance, Dwyane Wade will stay up until 6 in the morning after the game to watch it over again and dissect every moment.

Following a 93-77 loss to the Indiana Pacers on Monday, in which Wade scored three points on 1-for-13 shooting, he had no interest in watching the game and re-living one of his worst nights as a pro.

Instead, he was focused on going out to dinner with LeBron James. The two talked about the game at the arena, but at dinner the game didn’t come up in conversation as the two new superstar teammates continued their efforts to get to know one another.

“One thing about me and LeBron which we will continue to do a better job is try to get better communication,” Wade said. “I think us two are having the biggest adjustment and we are the ones who probably have the closest relationship. We have to lead these guys so we have to be more in tune with each other.”

Without question, the two perennial All-Star wing players have to make adjustments playing with one another. As players once expected to carry their respective teams offensively on a nightly basis with the ball in their hands on a frequent basis, the two are learning how to play without the ball.

“We have to,” James said. “There is only one basketball. Me and D-Wade are so accustomed to having the ball in our hands quite a lot, so we have to figure out ways we can help our team even when we don't have the ball. It’s definitely a challenge, but it’s something I will work at.”

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