VIDEO: Harry Reid spends five minutes on Senate floor talking about a great football game he watched over the weekend

Chris Moody Contributor
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With an extremely full plate before Congress and a short time before the 111th Congress shuts its doors forever, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid took it upon himself to spend five minutes on the Senate floor Monday to discuss a football game he watched over the weekend.

With the Senate stenographer typing away for a transcription that will remained enshrined in the official record, Reid opened official business for the final congressional term by describing Saturday’s University of Nevada win over Boise State.

“For me it was a special pleasure to watch them play,” Reid said, kicking off the lame-duck session. “Sometimes it’s true what they say: That it’s just a game. But this is one of those times when it’s much more. This remarkable, memorable win means so much for the underrated, unappreciated athletic program, for a great university.”

Reid spent five minutes discussing the big game, and then opened up the floor for morning business.

Those who have chosen not to forget recall that Congress was still working on Christmas Eve last year because it failed to reach a consensus on the health care bill until very late in the holiday season. With more University of Nevada football games planned and possibly contentious policy disputes ahead again this year, who knows if Capitol Hill staffers will get to spend another Christmas at work.

Video, via Mediaite: