Kathy Griffin calls Bristol Palin fat at USO event, and soldiers boo her

interns Contributor
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Comedian Kathy Griffin wasn’t so popular with the troops during her USO Diva’s Salute stand-up act on Sunday, when she poked fun at Bristol Palin’s weight.

“[Bristol Palin] is the only contestant in the history of [“Dancing with the Stars”] to actually gain weight.”

Following a chorus of boos, Griffin went on to say, “No, come on, come on. She gained, like, 30 pounds a week. I swear to God, it was fantastic. She’s like the white ‘Precious,'” referring to the obese African-American character in the eponymous 2009 film.

When the booing continued, Griffin shouted, “You can boo louder than that! Come on, boo me! I love it! I love it! War is Hell, war is Hell!”

This isn’t the first shot Griffin has taken at the Palin family. In 2009, Griffin made jokes about Sarah Palin’s infant Trig, who was born with Down Syndrome. Kathy Griffin justified calling Trig Palin a “retard baby” via Twitter:

“When I say her ‘retarded baby,’ I am quoting HER! Sarah Palin said it about her youngest! Jeez, don’t you guys watch ‘The Insider’? XP, K.”

The video of Griffin’s recent USO performance can be found here.