A lawsuit settlement that will not be music to your ears

Bob Dorigo Jones Senior Fellow, The Center for America
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One of the great things about celebrating the holidays today is that you can have all of your favorite holiday music with you wherever you are.   Because of devices like the iPod, listening to Jingle Bells when you shop, work or do anything has never been easier.

These devices are amazing, so when I heard about an outrageous lawsuit against Apple — the most successful company that makes personal music devices — it definitely was not music to my ears.

The lawsuit was filed by the New York City Retirement System.  The pension system owned stock in Apple and wasn’t happy with the return on its investment even though the value of Apple’s stock had risen six hundred percent in the two years before the lawsuit.

Let’s be fair, lawsuits like this can drag on for years, and cost all of us.  Even though a judge has already dismissed the lawsuit, the pension system appealed.  To avoid more legal bills, Apple offered to settle this ridiculous case for millions of dollars.  My question is: how much will this will add to the cost of my next iPod?

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Bob Dorigo Jones, who serves as Senior Fellow for the Foundation for Fair Civil Justice, is the author of the bestselling Remove Child Before Folding, The 101 Stupidest, Silliest and Wackiest Warning Labels Ever. He is the host of a new national radio/Internet commentary, “Let’s Be Fair.”