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My knee surgery is scheduled for Dec. 14

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I’ve been trying all afternoon to write a post about how the professional left is losing their minds because Obama is agreeing with the Republicans about something, and now the bourgeoisie will be insufficiently punished with taxes. But I’m all nervous and distracted because my surgeon just told me that the donor graft for my knee has passed all the screening stuff and it’s ready to go. He’s going to do the surgery a week from today.

Dec. 14 is perfect, because that’s one year to the day since Tucker Mr. Carlson flew out to Indianapolis and kidnapped me to do this job. So I’m taking that as a good sign. I’m just glad to get it done before the year is out. After the surgery it’ll be 6-10 weeks of recovery, so with any luck I’ll be back on my feet within a year of getting hit by that SUV. A year, man…

Well, I’ll keep you guys posted. I feel optimistic about it, and I really appreciate all the support. Thanks very much.

P.S. As usual, James Taranto did the work so I don’t have to: “You’ll never believe how upset the hard left is at President Obama.” Yeah, “triangulation” isn’t supposed to mean “making both sides point at you and yell.” But it sure is fun to watch!

Jim Treacher