Sen. Bernie Sanders reiterates vow to filibuster Obama’s tax rate extension plan

Laura Donovan Contributor
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Sen. Bernie Sanders, Vermont independent and self-described “socialist,” told reporters hours after Vice President Joe Biden pitched Democrats on President Obama’s plan to extend the Bush-era tax rates that he will do anything possible to defeat it, including a one-man filibuster.

“I intend to do everything that I can to defeat this proposal and bring back something which in fact protects the middle class and unemployed workers and not the wealthiest people in this country,” Sanders said. “I’m willing to anything and everything that I can to win this, including a filibuster.”

Sanders would not answer a question about the number of Democrats who agreed with him, but said he was seeking “a handful” of Republicans to join his cause in opposition to Obama’s plan.

Sanders said he was open to a filibuster Monday on MSNBC.