As seen on TV: President Obama’s talk show appearances [SLIDESHOW]

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President Obama will make an appearance on the Discovery Channel’s Mythbusters tonight at 9pm. The President is stopping by to give the hosts a special myth to bust, though it happens to be one that has already been busted previously on the show. Nevertheless, Obama is just itching to have them reconstruct Archimedes’ solar ray once more.

If you didn’t just say, “oooh … how exciting! … we can’t wait to see either!!” and are instead thinking, “wait, wasn’t the president just on some TV show?” then we think alike.  Only six weeks ago, the President stopped by The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and, prior to that cameo, had joined the ladies of The View for a chat in July.

Here are other shows the president (and Flotus, who sometimes tags along) has graced since taking office:

WATCH: A preview of tonight’s Mythbusters