Tea Party Express pushing ‘Defeat Barack Obama’ 2012 petition

Alex Pappas Political Reporter
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Since November’s elections, those behind the Tea Party Express effort have largely been silent.

But the political action committee that played large roles in getting conservative Republicans nominated in GOP primaries this year now have their eyes on a new target: President Obama’s re-election prospects in 2012.

“Now we take the next step by working to fire Barack Obama in the 2012 elections,” said Joe Wierzbicki of Our Country Deserves Better PAC. “But in order to be successful we will have to build a massive campaign to ensure that in 2012 we are strong enough to ‘Defeat Barack Obama’ and stop this nation’s slide towards socialism.”

The group hopes 1 million people will sign the online petition. Almost 25,000 people have added their names so far.

The organization’s petition goals are not exactly clear, and Wierzbicki did not respond to an e-mail seeking comment. But the petition could very well serve as an easy way for the Our Country Deserves Better PAC to add names to its fundraising email list.

As national groups harnessed the energy of Tea Party activists this year, the Tea Party Express asserted itself as the national political arm of the movement. They were given much credit for guiding candidates like Sharron Angle in Nevada, Christine O’Donnell in Delaware and Joe Miller in Alaska to unlikely primary victories. They also faced criticism for their roles after all three went on to lose in the general election.