Michael Moore recently checked into luxury weight loss spa

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It’s not even the new year yet, but Michael Moore is trying to lose a few pounds.

The liberal filmmaker recently checked into a $4,500 a week luxury weight loss spa in Miami, a patron of the spa confirms.

Moore visited the Pritikin Longevity Center and Spa in mid-November. The resort’s campus features “650 acres of lush tropical gardens, fountains, water features and other amenities,” its website boasts.

Moore has visited Pritikin in past years and said he once lost 30 pounds by employing the center’s methods of eating “heavy foods.”

“I eat at least 35 grams of fiber every day. Eat foods that are heavy in weight but low in calories. I got this idea from Roger Ebert; he was the one who turned me on to the Pritikin Longevity Center in Florida. (Eating heavy foods) naturally creates the same thing as gastric bypass; it gives you a full feeling so you don’t want any more food,” Moore told the Chicago Tribune in 2007.

Hopefully, Moore’s recent visit helps. A fellow patron of the spa said he didn’t look well.

“He didn’t look like he wanted to talk. And neither did I. But he sure was fat, even fatter than he looks on TV, like he’d gained a hundred pounds,” the source said, adding that Moore was receiving private training.

While in Miami to shed weight, Moore apparently went on Keith Olbermann’s TV show to blast the health insurance industry.

He appeared on Nov. 22. The backdrop image was a horizontally flipped photograph of the Miami skyline.

Michael Moore on Olbermann's show with a Miami backdrop

Miami skyline

On the segment, Moore gushed praise for Wendell Potter, a former spokesman for the health insurance industry who wrote a book denouncing his industry, particularly its attempts to harm Moore’s credibility.

“You’re the Daniel Ellsberg of corporate America,” Moore told Potter.

When he returned to the spa, Moore undoubtedly enjoyed the “experiential showers, aqua-thermal bathing experiences, Finnish saunas, outdoor solariums, thermal-heated loungers, deluxe spa suites, and two world-class Pritikin restaurants.” $4,500 a week is the minimum price the resort offers, for individuals, which is part of a fall special.

It is unknown whether the Communist Cuban health care system, which Moore has praised, offers its citizens refreshing stays at luxurious weight loss resorts.