Texan starts ‘Draft Rubio’ effort

Alex Pappas Political Reporter
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Marco Rubio hasn’t even been sworn in yet as Florida’s next U.S. Senator, but one Texan who just launched “DraftMarcoRubio.com” wants the Republican to challenge President Obama in 2012.

“Every current Republican presidential candidate either has substantial baggage that makes them an inviting target for Obama or simply fails to inspire America to be great again,” the activist behind the website argues. “That’s why we must draft Marco Rubio.”

The site makes several arguments for a Rubio candidacy, like the notion that Rubio can “hold the base together” by bringing together “the social conservatives and business wings.”

The Daily Caller reached the man behind the website, who goes by Evan and only describes himself as “a late 20something Texan.”  He also writes the Rick Perry vs World blog on Texas Politics.

“It is my opinion that most pundits and activists are underestimating how difficult it will be to beat Obama in 2012,” he said in an email. “When I look at the current field, I just don’t see a candidate who I think is a significant favorite to beat Obama. That’s why I started DraftMarcoRubio.com.  Rubio has the best message to beat Obama, and we know that because he already turned a key 2008 blue state into a 20 point Republican win in 2010 by focusing relentlessly on Obama’s failed policies.”