Bloomberg’s non-campaign for president

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Michael Bloomberg has delivered a passionate speech denouncing just about all the key players on the national scene –including Congress and The White house — for mismanaging economic recovery,  he blasted Democrats and Republicans for abandoning responsibility in favor of partisan bickering, and for denouncing the importance of success in corporate America.

It sounded like the opening salvo of a campaign for President as an independent candidate. But Bloomberg’s aides reiterated what he has said:  that he’s not running for President. It seemed strange that they were issuing denials when it was Bloomberg’s staff that took pains to let reporters know he was making this speech.

It could have been called the “plague on both your houses” speech, borrowing a line from Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet.” But he was not romancing anyone. He was letting the politicians of both major parties and the President have it with both barrels.

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