TheDC Fantasy Outsider Andy Hayes: Week 14

Andy Hayes Contributor
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  1. Rodgers
  2. Vick
  3. Brees
  4. Roethlisberger
  5. Rivers
  6. Flacco
  7. Brady
  8. Ryan
  9. Orton
  10. Schaub
  11. Kitna
  12. Favre
  13. Eli Manning
  14. Cutler
  15. Bradford
  16. Garrard
  17. McNabb
  18. Freeman
  19. Sanchez
  20. Fitzpatrick
  21. Alex Smith
  22. Palmer


  • Rodgers should carve up Detroit this weekend.
  • Vick will get stats, but it won’t be easy.
  • I know conventional wisdom has Mendenhall cleaning house Sunday against Cincy – I think Big Ben gets involved, and gets some stats.
  • Rivers should get it going again this weekend despite ongoing injuries to Gates and his WRs.
  • Matt Ryan has a good match-up and if Carolina has any fight left in them, Ryan will have to throw at least some passes. Should get some pass TDs.
  • Favre should bounce back this week and do OK. Missing Harvin hurts, but I expect MN to make this a game.
  • Ryan Fitzpatrick could be good this weekend, if he can avoid picks…Cleveland’s specialty.

Running Backs

  1. Michael Turner
  2. Peyton Hillis
  3. Knowshon Moreno
  4. Adrian Peterson
  5. Rashard Mendenhall
  6. Arian Foster
  7. MJD
  8. Steven Jackson
  9. Ray Rice
  10. Darren McFadden
  11. Jamaal Charles
  12. LeSean McCoy
  13. Chris Ivory
  14. Fred Jackson
  15. LeGarrette Blount
  16. Ahmad Bradshaw
  17. Mike Tolbert
  18. Matt Forte
  19. Tashard Choice
  20. Marshawn Lynch
  21. Jonathan Stewart
  22. James Starks
  23. Danny Woodhead
  24. BenJarvus Green-Ellis
  25. Felix Jones
  26. LT
  27. Brian Westbrook
  28. Beanie Wells
  29. Brandon Jacobs
  30. Anthony Dixon


  • Michael Turner should do pretty much what he wants Sunday against Carolina. Matt Ryan too. Shouldn’t even be close.
  • I like Moreno lately. He’s played decently and he is clearly becoming a featured guy on the Denver offense. If Denver can get it’s passing and running games coordinated for one game here this weekend, they could score 50 points on AZ.
  • Giants’ D is good and they will be playing like they need to win…because they need to win. But Peterson will get his stats and MN will make this a good game.
  • As expected Rice did virtually nothing last week against Pitt. My guess is the weaker Texans’ D won’t be able to do much to stop him – especially in the screen game.
  • McFadden is a tough one. He’s had a couple slower weeks recently, but if Oak comes out as determined as they were last week, McFadden and Bush could run all over a soft Jax D.
  • Chris Ivory is getting more and more time. And even with Thomas apparently coming back, Ivory is someone to consider playing this week. Once a player gets in the groove of the Saints offense, they can do some serious damage – and Ivory is in that groove.
  • Jackson, Blount, Bradshaw, Forte, Lynch, Starks and even Wells are all guys who could put up serious numbers this week but they are not as reliable as the options ranked before them.

Wide Receivers

  1. Marques Colston
  2. Brandon Lloyd
  3. Greg Jennings
  4. Andre Johnson
  5. Miles Austin
  6. Steve Johnson
  7. Roddy White
  8. Sidney Rice
  9. Malcolm Floyd
  10. DeSean Jackson
  11. Mike Wallace
  12. Anquan Boldin
  13. Calvin Johnson
  14. Santonio Holmes
  15. Jeremy Maclin
  16. Wes Welker
  17. Mario Manningham
  18. Mike Williams (TB)
  19. Michael Crabtree
  20. Donald Driver
  21. Dwayne Bowe
  22. Terrell Owens
  23. Santana Moss
  24. Jacoby Ford
  25. Lance Moore
  26. Hines Ward
  27. Steve Breaston
  28. Danny Amendola
  29. Johnny Knox
  30. Derrick Mason


  • Colston and the Saints should put up some passing yards and stats (though this could be a close game).
  • Brandon Lloyd and the Denver offense my go nuts.
  • Steve Johnson may get back into it this weekend even though the Cleve’s secondary isn’t bad.
  • Malcolm Floyd should be active this weekend as Rivers is due to get things going again through the air.
  • Michael Crabtree is a player who could stand out this weekend.
  • Thought about leaving Donald Driver off the list and then I thought about putting him toward the top. He’s always played well against Detroit and if last week is any indication, he appears to be healthy enough again to do some serious damage. While the Pack will be testing newbie RB James Starks, it will be Rodgers’ passing that takes down Detroit.
  • Last week, I predicted that Dwayne Bowe’s production would soon decline – though I indicated his slump wouldn’t start until this week (and I didn’t think he’d get totally shut out). Concerning that he’s playing in SD possibly without Cassel, but I think KC will need Bowe especially in the 2nd half if they fall behind.
  • One guy to keep an eye on here toward the end of the season is Jacoby Ford. While Jason Campbell is not a great QB, Oak simply not having a QB controversy may help the team. And last week, Campbell looked really good. Ford is lightening quick and when you watch him play, you’ll see immediately why some folks are really high on the guy.

Tight Ends

  1. Antonio Gates
  2. Vernon Davis
  3. Jason Witten
  4. Marcedes Lewis
  5. Chris Cooley
  6. Benjamin Watson
  7. Brandon Pettigrew
  8. Tony Gonzalez
  9. Kellen Winslow
  10. Brent Celek
  11. Jimmy Graham
  12. Greg Olsen
  13. Kevin Boss
  14. Dustin Keller
  15. Anthony Fasano


  • Gates is amazing that he can barely walk yet still catch TDs. Should be active this week.
  • Davis had a great week last week at Green Bay. Should be good again vs a soft Seattle D.
  • Benjamin Watson was huge last week. Don’t expect him to be as productive this week, but he’s definitely one of the few other options besides Hillis that Cleve has.
  • Tony Gonzalez will likely get back to catching TDs in Atlanta’s blowout win.
  • Jimmy Graham has been coming along nicely – may get in on the action this week.


  1. David Akers
  2. Dan Carpenter
  3. Mason Crosby
  4. Matt Bryant
  5. Billy Cundiff
  6. Janikowski
  7. Shayne Graham
  8. Robbie Gould
  9. Nate Kaeding
  10. Ryan Longwell


  • Akers is a very solid FF kicker.
  • Carpenter continues to be quite good this year. It’s easy to envision Miami getting into NYJ territory but not scoring TDs.
  • Crosby and Bryant should both be busy.
  • Same with Graham and Gould (I see the NE/Chic match-up being FG heavy).

Defense/Special Teams

  1. Steelers
  2. NYJ
  3. Atlanta
  4. Cleve
  5. Packers
  6. Miami
  7. SF
  8. SD
  9. Wash
  10. Buff


  • Some tough calls for D this week.
  • Pitt should dominate defensively.
  • NYJ and Miami may be a low scoring affair.
  • Atlanta has a good match-up and this is still an important game for them – should be solid.
  • Cleve and Buff may also be a low scoring game.
  • SD could hold down the Chiefs to some extent, especially if Cassel is out.
  • Wash is my sleeper pick this week. They played a terrible game last week and I just have a feeling they come out with some renewed energy now that the Haynesworth drama has been resolved. They could make the going tough on TB (unless Blount gets it going).