The moments that defined YouTube in 2010 [VIDEO]

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With the New Year fast approaching, YouTube has introduced a new channel, ‘Rewind,’ so viewers can relive the videos, performances and moments that defined the site in 2010.

If you’re like us, you’ve logged a substantial amount of time on YouTube this year. Where else could you watch videos of superstars like Antoine Dodson, Keenan Cahill and the Old Spice guy on repeat?

We’ve highlighted our top five favorites for your viewing pleasure below, but also (strongly) suggest you visit Rewind to experience the interactive time line and numerous additional videos compiled in their “top trends” and “most watched music videos” tabs, especially for those of you with Bieber fever.

#5 A video of three-year-old crying over her love of Justin Bieber went viral, but what became even more popular was this clip of Jimmy Kimmel surprising the little girl and her sisters with a visit from the pop idol. (Views: 19,087,456)

# 4 Disclaimer: The aptly named ‘Annoying Orange Wazzup’ video is, in fact, really quite annoying. And yet, somehow, also endlessly entertaining. (Views: 27,416,292)

#3 Old Spice’s Super Bowl ad was an Internet sensation, but a few months later, it spawned something else: a real-time, social media campaign that generated over 100M views in a week. (Views: 24,476,985)

#2 Lip-syncing is nothing new, but Keenan Cahill, 15, took it to a new level this year with his song choice and incredibly expressive features. (Views: 21,966,265)

#1 After Antoine Dodson ranted to a reporter following his sister’s attempted assault, the footage inspired an instantly classic auto-tune remix, which entered the Billboard charts. (Views: 47,528,743)