Billy Joel & Co.: The society of cradle robbers [SLIDESHOW]

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In Hollywood, the ‘divide by two add seven’ rule is a time honored tradition.

The rule is one by which it is appropriate to date someone who is at least their own age divided by two plus seven only. For example, the youngest person a 60-year-old should date is a 37-year-old.  This rule, which ostensibly serves to determine ‘how young is too young,’ is often broken, flagrantly, by those in Hollywood and politics.

One of the most prestigious members of the Robbing The Cradle society is Billy Joel.  Notorious for bedding and wedding women his junior, Joel, 61, has a new 29-year-old gal pal.

As we mentioned previously, however, the piano man is not alone. Meet fifteen other famous actors and politicians who have broken the divide by 2 add 7 rule on one or more occasions: