Where are Rahm Emanuel’s boxes?

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CHICAGO — Taking center stage at the Chicago Board of Elections hearing Wednesday was Lori Halpin, the woman who currently rents Rahm Emanuel’s North Side home with her husband Rob.

In the second day of hearings to determine whether the former White House chief of staff meets the residency requirements to run for mayor, Lori Halpin recounted the phone call she received in September informing her Rahm Emanuel planned to return to Chicago to run for mayor and wanted to move back into his house. According to Halpin, the person on the phone said it was a “highly confidential matter…. extremely confidential.”

Halpin said she and her husband had no desire to move their family out of the house. The Halpins had recently extended the lease through June 30, 2011, to coincide with the end of Emanuel’s lease for the home he was renting in Washington, DC.

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