Barbra Streisand glad Hillary not first female president: They’d have ‘blamed her gender’ for economic crisis

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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On Wednesday’s broadcast of “Larry King Live” on CNN, the second-to-final show for host Larry King, singer Barbra Streisand explained why she left the country during November’s midterm. “I went to Europe because of this last election,” she said. “I couldn’t face — I didn’t want to be here for this bloodbath. There was no reason for the Republicans to win that many seats in the House, I didn’t think. And that was a — you know, a mistake on the Democrats’ part for not getting their message across, not communicating all that they’ve done that’s good.”

Streisand also told King she was glad it was President Barack Obama facing this economic crisis and not President Hillary Clinton. “In a way, I’m glad Hillary Clinton wasn’t the first woman president, because with this economic crisis, they would have probably blamed her gender,” Streisand said. “Rather than the eight years preceding, you know?”

Later in the interview, Streisand expressed frustration over Obama’s inability to exercise his “executive privilege” during the early part of his presidency. “At first, maybe a little, because I would have liked to have him use his executive privilege to — if that’s possible legally — you know, to get rid of something like ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,’” she said. “I think people admire real strength, even though it’s misguided, you know? Reagan, first George Bush — no, the second George Bush I mean. He is — you know, he has an open mind. He has an open heart. And … Obama. And he’s cool. And he’s very smart.”