Scalia to address Tea Party Caucus

Alex Pappas Political Reporter
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Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia will address the newly formed House Tea Party Caucus.

Republican Rep. Michele Bachmann said Scalia will speak during the inaugural “Conservative Constitutional Seminar” on Jan. 24 to “speak to members of Congress about the separation of powers.”

“It is a special privilege to have him address the first of what will be regular seminars featuring constitutional scholars,” Bachmann said in a statement. “In his 24 years of service on the high court, Justice Scalia has distinguished himself by his ‘originalist’ approach to constitutional interpretation.”

Bachmann, in the release, said the Conservative Constitutional Seminars are being organized in conjunction with the Tea Party Caucus. The House Constitution Caucus, chaired by New Jersey Republican Rep. Scott Garrett, is also involved in organizing the seminar.

Such conferences, Bachmann said, will be held at least twice monthly.