Keith Olbermann returns to Twitter after three day hiatus

Laura Donovan Contributor

That was fast.

After his three-day self-imposed hiatus from Twitter, Keith Olbermann announced early Monday morning that he’s ready to exist in the Twitterverse again. @KeithOlbermann tweeted rather nonsensically:

“And we’re back. Tweeting will resume tomorrow. Good night and… etc. (Avatar dates to 1971 at Yankee Stadium).”

Olbermann announced late last week that he was going to suspend his Twitter account “until this frenzy is stopped,” referencing a Twitter campaign intended to get Olbermann to apologize for the comments he made about the rape charges against WikiLeaks founder WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.

After receiving a lot of criticism via Twitter, Olbermann tweeted Thursday, “I’ll thus unblock all blocks, wish you all a Merry Christmas and I’ll suspend this account until/if this frenzy is stopped.”

Though this particular instance was self-imposed, it isn’t the first of Olbermann’s recent suspensions. In November, Olbermann was suspended for several days from MSNBC after making partisan campaign donations.

Whether or not the “frenzy” has in fact ended, the real question is: Will Olbermann’s 167,162 followers finally be able to sleep at night knowing he has returned to the Twitter world?

UPDATE: In case anyone had been wondering about what prompted Olbermann’s three-day silence, he just tweeted an explanation for his absence, which he needed to cool off and regain composure:

“And to clarify my absence from Twitter, it was so I could calm down and write in the kind of reasonable fashion #mooreandme has abandoned.”