British Cabinet Secretary: ‘I have declared war on Mr. Murdoch’

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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Rupert Murdoch faces plenty of attacks from the left in the United States for his ownership of Fox News. However, those attacks pale in comparison to what he faces in the United Kingdom.

In audio obtained by an undercover Daily Telegraph reporter posing as a constituent, British Business Secretary Vince Cable revealed he is declaring war on Murdoch in order to block bid for British Sky Broadcasting (BSkyB).

“I don’t know if you know what is happening with the Murdoch press,” Cable said. “I have declared war on Mr Murdoch. I think we are going to win. I didn’t politicize it but it is a legal posture. He is trying it take over BSkyB. You probably know that.”

Cable boasted how he was able to prevent this from happening through his regulatory powers in the undercover audio.

“I have blocked it using the powers that I’ve got,” Cable added. “Legal powers – I can’t politicize it.”

British Prime Minister David Cameron and Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg have since denounced Cable’s remarks.