CBS News airs fake, typo-ridden cover of Bush’s ‘Decision Points’ memoir [VIDEO]

Laura Donovan Contributor
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Whether or not it was intentional, CBS News made a poor “desision” on Sunday when it broadcast a fake cover of former President George W. Bush’s new memoir, “Decision Points,” during a book special.

CBS aired a grammatically incorrect book cover that read, “Desision Points: How I managed to go on eight years without making one good decision.”

A CBS spokesperson told Newsday that the false cover was aired by accident, and was the result of the network pulling a bad photo from the internet.

“Good catch: It’s a mistake no one could see because you’d have to freeze the frame to notice it. Another cautionary tale about the risks of the internet age – clearly, we have to be more careful when downloading material,” the CBS spokesperson said.

This isn’t the first time a news outlet has mocked a president, and said later it was just a big mistake. In 1980, the Boston Globe published an editorial about Jimmy Carter under the headline, “More Mush from the Wimp.” The author said it was an in-house joke and should have never made it into print.

WATCH: CBS airs false cover of “Decision Points”