Florida Postal Service receives influx of letters to God during Christmas

interns Contributor
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Every year, the Suncoast District of the U.S. Postal Service in Florida receives on average about 1000 letters to Santa. But this year they’ve noticed an increase in letters to God.

At around 30 letters, it seems that reaching God through the mail is not going to be catching up with trying to get in touch with Santa anytime soon, but the Tampa staff, who usually reply to all letters addressed to Father Christmas, are at a complete loss for what to do. “We’re not going to reply,” a spokesperson said. “How can we?”

It seems that many of the letters were trying to reach deceased loved ones while others were just prayers put to paper. One such example, in a childish hand, gave God a summary of how things are on Earth in her opinion. “Dear God, life is good here since you have made the World. There were some bad things like plane crashes, robberies, people killing 1 another, and child abuse. God those things scare me. I mean what if those things would happen to me? Thank you God … Love, Abby.” Other individuals greeted God like an old friend, “Dear God, hi, how are you doing? I hope when you receive this letter you’re doing good.”

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