Assange sex charges sound bogus

Roger Stone Political Consultant
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As one who knows a little about sex and politics and the way the establishment manipulates the system, I must say the sex charges against WikiLeaker Julian Assange sure sound like trumped up bullshit to me. A lady who admitted sex was consensual said he didn’t us a condom and that was why she called police. The other chick is fishy too. She went to his hotel room and was drinking heavily. This is a snatch and grab.

If you want to indict and extradite Assange for espionage or theft, indict him for that and give him a fair trial, but this sex stuff is classic KGB/CIA/State Dept. thinking — “dirty him up publically while giving us a pretext to detain this guy.” The leaks so far show incompetence, stupidity, lies and no core strategy or goals in American foreign policy.

So far no lives seem endangered. It’s the political class that’s endangered as the public learns of their bumbling and lies. The over-reaction to the Pentagon Papers by Henry Kissinger led to the break-in at Daniel Ellsberg’s physiatrist’s office, a count in Nixon’s impeachment offenses. Yet the Papers viewed now show bungling, bad estimates and predictions by the Kennedy and Johnson administrations in the Big Muddy, Vietnam. The world was not destroyed, nor will we really suffer from WikiLeaks — diplomatic chatter and establishment bullshit that reveal nothing to those who would do us harm about our strategy or plan — since we have none. Al Qaeda is wasting its time reading these.

Ron Paul is right. The leaks prove that the government is lying to us. We need a cogent foreign policy and national security strategy and have none. The primary criteria in that strategy must be: “does it serve the best interests of the United States of America?”

But if you must indict and try Julian Assange — who will be on my Stonezone 2010 Best Dressed list posted at New Years — then do it for the heinous crimes you think he is guilty of, and not for made-up sex charges.

Roger Stone is a well known Republican political consultant and is a veteran of eight national Republican presidential campaigns. He’s also the men’s fashion correspondent for The Daily Caller and editor of Stonezone.com.