Mark Teixeira: Andy Pettitte likely to retire

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Mark Teixeira sounds like a man ready to plan a retirement party when asked about Andy Pettitte.

“If he’s leaning one way, he’s probably leaning toward retirement,” Teixeira said yesterday. “I think that’s what he’s publicly said. It’s no secret right now that’s probably where he’s leaning. [But] in a month and a half, a lot can happen.”

Teixeira was in Times Square promoting tomorrow’s Pinstripe Bowl at Yankee Stadium. The first baseman called Pettitte one of his best friends on the team. The two have texted each other over the last two months, but Teixeira said he does not want to pressure Pettitte.

“None of us want to pressure him,” Teixeira said. “Everyone I’ve talked to this winter, we all say the same thing we don’t want to pressure him, we’d love to have him back, but if it’s not in the cards for him and his family we’re going to wish him the best of luck.”

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