O’Donnell calls rumors of FBI investigation of campaign ‘an attempt to discredit this whole Tea Party movement’

Alexis Levinson Political Reporter
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Christine O’Donnell denied charges that she had used campaign funds for personal use on Thursday, calling the accusations “thug tactics,” and casting doubt on the political motivations of her accusers.

“I find it awfully suspicious that the Associated Press was tipped off before I or my lawyer or my campaign has received any notice from any legitimate organization pursuing this,” she told Fox News. “It appears that this is the same CREW complaint trumped-up charges by the left wing, George Soros funded, CREW organization. The charges are led by Melanie Sloan, who is a former Biden staffer where they’re using so-called credible witness who is a disgruntled volunteer as their star witness, who has become so obsessed with this whole thing that he’s resorted to posting pornographic comments about me on Facebook. So it appears this is just the same thug tactics that they have been using for months to discredit this anti-establishment movement that’s gaining more and more strength.”

Fox News asked O’Donnell how she thought the rumors had come about, and whether she had “any evidence to suggest that the vice president made a phone call, perhaps, and got this FBI investigation started?”

In her response, she implicated Democrats and Republicans alike.

“Not necessarily the vice president,” she said, “but for sure — look at who is behind the two complaints that have been filed with the SEC. You’ve got the Delaware GOP, who filed a ridiculous complaint with the SEC for coordinating with the Tea Party, and we embarrassed them. We took out their so-called anointed, untouchable candidate, Mike Castle in the primary. And then you’ve got Melanie Sloan and CREW, George Soros-funded, former Biden staffer.”

O’Donnell denied any misuse of funds, and called the accusations “false.”

“These two people that they’re using as their key witnesses were from 2008,” she said. “The CREW complaint states misuse in 2009. So how did they — did they look in a crystal ball and eyewitness these things through their crystal ball?”

“This has been totally taken out of context,” she concluded, “in an attempt to discredit this whole Tea Party movement that’s put the corrupt system on notice.”