Really? Washington Post’s Colbert King declares Christine O’Donnell a worse candidate than Alvin Greene

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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And this is what Pulitzer Prize winners are made of?

On Friday’s “Inside Washington,” Post Deputy Opinion Page editor Colbert King offered viewers his suggestions for the biggest political foul-up of 2010 – the people of South Carolina and Delaware that nominated former U.S. Senate candidates Alvin Greene and Christine O’Donnell.

However, King said that despite Greene’s bizarre behavior throughout the 2010 campaign, O’Donnell was still the worse candidate of the two.

“I thought that the Democratic Party of South Carolina was the biggest foul-up when they gave us Alvin Greene, the unemployed veteran,” King said. “But I think they were beaten out by the Republicans in Delaware who gave us Christine O’Donnell – who is the absolute worst candidate known to mankind.”

That’s a curious declaration from King, if one factors in the November election results. O’Donnell lost her bid by a margin of 57 percent to 40 percent to Chris Coons. But Greene’s race wasn’t as close. He lost to Sen. Jim DeMint by a margin of 61 percent to 28 percent.

However, even “Inside Washington” co-panelist Charles Krauthammer found some aspects of O’Donnell’s candidacy “creepy.”

“I must say in the Christine O’Donnell ad – the creepiest part is not ‘I’m not a witch,’” he said. “It’s ‘I am you.’”