Fox Business Network TV spot a jab at MSNBC’s ‘Lean Forward’ campaign?

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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The commercial opens up with Fox Business Network’s senior vice president Neil Cavuto sitting at a computer making a noble-sounding statement, while pecking away at his keyboard.

“What’s wrong with working hard to make our lives and our kids’ lives better? Nothing,” Cavuto says. “At Fox Business we don’t have a problem with success – we have a very big problem with those who get away from it. We don’t come out of a box bashing those who make money, just the politicians stealing it and the bureaucracies wasting it. They try it, we’re on it.”

Sound familiar? It might seem similar to a spot from MSNBC’s “Lean Forward” campaign featuring “Countdown” host Keith Olbermann at a keyboard prepping what appears to be a “Special Comment.” However, this is a regularly aired promotion for the Fox Business Network and it espouses a very pro-business message.

But the similarities don’t just end there. Featured prominently in the Cavuto ad? “Move forward.”

“Because when a story moves forward – so do we,” Cavuto says, as the spot ends.


And compare that to the MSNBC regularly airing “Lean Forward” ad.