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Here’s the latest news about my knee that got shattered almost a year ago

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It’ll be 48 weeks this Wednesday since I got hit by a State Department SUV. And if you think you’re sick of hearing about it, I’m even sicker of having to talk about it. But I think we’re heading into the home stretch here. Check out the latest lovely snapshot, three weeks after my latest surgery:

I showed this to my surgeon, Dr. K, and he said it looks excellent. The incision seems to be healing more quickly and cleanly than it did last time. And I’m able to move my leg around a lot more easily. Straight leg lifts are no problem. Haven’t really done much bending yet, no more than 60 degrees, on doctor’s orders. I’m starting physical therapy tomorrow, so we’ll see what sorts of fun activities they have for me.

All in all, it feels pretty good. Feels like it just needs to heal up and then everything will be working correctly in there. I’ll be on crutches for at least a few more weeks, and then I’ll have a follow-up visit with my surgeon and we’ll see if I can start putting weight on it. I hope I’ll be walking on my own by the one-year anniversary, but it might be a little bit after that.

And then it’s on to Phase 2.

Jim Treacher