David Letterman: Boehner needs counseling

Laura Donovan Contributor
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David Letterman took multiple jabs at Speaker of the House John Boehner on “The Late Show” Monday, making guest and NBC anchor Brian Williams feel “highly uncomfortable.”

“[Boehner] will, will cry like he’s on drugs,” Letterman said before asking Williams why he was displaying unease.

“This makes me highly uncomfortable, this is the Speaker of the House,” Williams said, further noting that he’s scheduled to interview Boehner later this week.

Letterman then alluded to the unusually sentimental emotions he experienced when taking Valium for a concussion. A McDonald’s commercial brought him to tears, Letterman said.

“I started sobbing and I thought, why am I crying in a double cheese…It was the Valium, so it leads me to believe…I’m not suggesting he’s using drugs,” Letterman said. “I’m suggesting, what I’m suggesting, is there has been, there has been trauma in this man’s life that he has struggled with, and that’s why he’s always sobbing.”

Seeming to justify the concept of men crying, Williams referenced the sadness he felt when Tim Russert died and the World Trade Center was attacked.

“I’m not suggesting that he’s anything less than masculine, I’m suggesting he needs some sort of counseling,” Letterman said. “This guy can’t get in an elevator, he starts to sob.”

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