Is Pence’s schedule a tip on political future?

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Washington (CNN) – Call it reading the tea leaves, but until Republican Rep. Mike Pence of Indiana announces whether he’ll make a bid for the 2012 GOP presidential nomination, or whether he’ll run for governor in his home state, it’s all we can do.

So here’s the latest. Sources in Indiana confirm to CNN that Pence is scheduling to attend Lincoln Day dinners across his home state next month. The story was first reported Monday in Howey Politics Indiana.

But Pence will attend an event that’s likely to draw possible Republican White House hopefuls: An Illinois Republican Party dinner in Chicago in honor of the late President Ronald Reagan, which is being held on Feb. 5, the day before the centennial anniversary of Reagan’s birth. Pence may also speak later in February at the Conservative Political Action Conference in the nation’s capitol, another cattle call for possible presidential candidates.

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