John ‘Killer’ Boehner: When pols tweet

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When presumptive House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, wanted to announce the unveiling of the House Republicans’ proposal to repeal President Obama’s health care law on Monday, he went to his Twitter account, handled @GOPLeader. He tweeted: “The repealing the job-killing health care law act has been posted online: http://is.gd/k3lbn #pledge #hcrcostsjobs.”

Judging by his tweeting habits, Boehner appears to have something of a violent streak. Over the course of his last 200 tweets, he has included the word “killing” 27 times. It is his fifth-most-used word, and in the new media universe in which Republicans will soon take control of the House, it is now easier to judge what the political message of the moment is. All you need is a tweet monitor.

Full Story: NationalJournal.com – John ‘Killer’ Boehner: When Pols Tweet – Tuesday, January 4, 2011