New Speaker Boehner backs Maria Cino in race for RNC chairmanship

Alexis Levinson Political Reporter
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Speaker of the House John Boehner has added his voice to the race for Republican National Committee chairman, calling at least one committee member in support for former Bush administration official Maria Cino, Roll Call reported Wednesday.

Boehner reportedly left a voicemail for Chris Healy, the chairman of the Connecticut Republican Party, “encouraging Healy to support Cino” for the post of chairman. Healy had formally endorsed Gentry Collins in the race, but is in the market for a new candidate since Collins dropped out on Sunday, the day before a debate. Boehner had said he would not endorse anyone for the chairmanship.

Boehner and Cino seem to move in similar worlds. The two have reportedly been friends since her time running the National Republican Congressional Committee, and her campaign is being run by former Boehner aide Chad Kolton, now at the public affairs and lobbying firm HDMK.