Should Captain Honors have been fired for his videos? [POLL]

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The Associated Press reported Tuesday that Navy Captain Owen Honors was relieved of his post following extensive media coverage condemning videos the officer produced which aired on the closed-circuit television aboard the USS Enterprise.

While the coverage itself has not been identified as the reason for the firing, the fact that more than three years have passed since the videos were created have opened fresh questions as to why the Navy, if they sought to reprimand the Captain at all, waited until now.

During the past several days, news coverage has consisted of brief pull clips and commentators characterizing Honors’ videos as being “lewd” and consisting of “gay bashing.”

CNN described the video in the following way:

“Honors is shown cursing along with other members of his staff in an attempt to demonstrate humor, according to videos. There are also anti-gay slurs, simulated sex acts, and what appear to be two female sailors in a shower together.”

Below is a 12-minute cut of video produced by Captain Honors and released by The Virginian Pilot.

What do you think? Should Captain Honors have been fired by the Navy?

Vote “Yes” or “No” below and/or leave your thoughts in the comments.
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