Starbucks adopts new wordless siren logo

Laura Donovan Contributor
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Starbucks wants to move beyond coffee – and it’s shedding its name from its logo to do so.

Only the green lady “siren” icon will remain on the 40-year-old Seattle-based brand’s products.

Why the change?  It’s likely the company wants to shed its image of high-priced U.S. caffeine slinger and move toward more profitable international expansion and new noncoffee products, reports The Associated Press.

Despite the battering the brand took in recent years due to too-rapid expansion and an overcrowded coffee marketplace, the company is bouncing back by pushing branded items such as ice cream and coffee beans and allowing customers to tailor their own drinks.

The company is pushing a revamping of the whole Starbucks experience by testing a system for customers to order and pay for coffee by mobile phone.  More food and wine at your local Starbucks.  It could happen, say insiders.

But does the brand still need to spell out its logo to get customers in the door?  Companies like Nike and Apple have worked hard to trasition consumers to identify their brand by symbol alone.

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