The top ‘SNL’ sketches of the decade [VIDEO]

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‘Saturday Night Live’ sketches never fail to entertain.

While it would be difficult to top the casts of the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s, the cast members of the 00’s came close. Capturing the essence of pop culture every Saturday night, the comedians at 30 Rock brought us sketches that will remain classics for decades to come.

Here are ten favorites from 2000-2010. We can only hope Lorne Michaels and co. will continue to deliver in the years to come.

“I got a fever and the only prescription is more cowbell!”(2000):

“Debbie Downer” (2004):

“J*** in My Pants” (2008):

“Iran So Far Away” (2007):

“A nonpartisan message from Sarah Palin and Hilary Clinton” (2008):

“Natalie Raps” (2006):

“Celebrity Jeopardy” (2009):

“Lawrence Welk Cold Open with Betty White” (2010):

“A Message from TSA” (2010):

“D*ck in a Box” (2006)