John Edwards proposes to mistress Rielle Hunter three weeks after ex-wife Elizabeth’s death

Laura Donovan Contributor
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Three weeks after burying ex-wife and breast cancer victim Elizabeth Edwards, John Edwards has proposed to Rielle Hunter, his mistress and the mother of his infant daughter, the National Enquirer reported Thursday.

Edwards reportedly introduced Hunter to his other children over the holidays, when she told them, “Call me mommy.” According to the same report, Edwards told the children that they would “become one big, happy family.”

Hunter and Edwards have a two-year-old daughter. John and Elizabeth Edwards had four children together, the eldest of whom died in a car accident.

The National Enquirer first broke the story of Edwards’s cheating scandal.

Elizabeth and John Edwards met while studying at the University of North Carolina law school and were married for 33 years. It was revealed this week that Elizabeth, who died on December 7, left all of her possessions to her three children, excluding John from the will.