Accused gunman’s parents ‘devastated,’ father may issue statement

Laura Donovan Contributor

Jared Loughner’s parents can’t stop crying.

Amy and Randy Loughner, the parents of 22-year-old suspected gunman Jared Loughner, told neighbor Wayne Smith that they are devastated that their son is allegedly responsible for Saturday’s Tucson, Ariz. shooting.

“They are very devastated about the whole thing. It’s just a spat on them as it is anybody else,” Smith told Phoenix news and radio station KTAR Monday.

When Smith delivered mail to Amy and Randy Loughner, he noticed they were in terrible condition, Politico reported.

“They can’t talk without breaking down and just crying, doing their best, you know, they’re hurting,” Smith said.

The Wall Street Journal reported Monday that Smith had approached the Loughners Saturday and informed them that their son was suspected in a shooting rampage.

“She almost passed out right there,” Smith said. “He sat in the road with the tape up and cried.”

Smith added that Randy Loughner isn’t ready to talk to the press yet, but has prepared and may release a public statement.

Smith also said the Loughners have no explanation for their son’s decision to orchestrate Saturday’s mass shooting.

According to the Arizona Republic, FBI agents struggled to enter the Loughner family household Monday because family members reportedly used a double-thick plywood to block access to the front porch of their Tucson home. Agents were able to get inside the house after talking to family members.

Jared Loughner, who is currently in custody, lived with his parents.