NJ Governor Chris Christie surges in statewide poll

Amanda Carey Contributor
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According to a statewide poll by Fairleigh Dickinson University’s PublicMind research center, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s job approval is now at 53 percent. According to the same poll, only 36 percent of New Jerseyans disapprove.

Moreover, those polled were found to have very strong feelings either for or against the governor. Twenty-eight percent replied saying they have a “very favorable” opinion of the governor and 27 percent said they have a “very unfavorable “opinion.

Along those same lines, 28 percent “strongly” approve of Christie’s handling of the governorship, while 22 percent “strongly” disapprove.

Christie’s approval rating has gone up compared to previous polling. In November, Christie had a 49 percent approval rating, with 39 percent disapproval. In October, his favorability was at 51 percent, compared to 37 percent disapproval.

According to the director of the poll, Peter Woolley, Christie’s handling of fiscal issues, specifically the fact he hasn’t increased taxes, is responsible to the governor’s increased popularity.

“Voters are focused on finances, theirs and the state’s,” said Woolley. “Voters didn’t get a tax hike at the state level as they did in past crises. The key is whether, or how much, they might get I local property tax hikes later this year or next.”