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Lefties have a reputation for being irreligious, but it turns out they believe in voodoo

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That explains their sudden, unshakable conviction that putting a symbol on a map can cause something bad to happen at that real-world location. Here’s the latest manifestation of this primitive belief system:

This is courtesy of noted thinker Dan Savage at The Stranger. Do you get it? See, Sarah Palin put up a map with symbols on it, and almost a year later, some people were murdered at the location of one of those symbols. Therefore, Sarah Palin is responsible for their deaths. Can you prove that’s not what happened, you teabagger? I didn’t think so.

Many thanks to Savage for putting things in perspective and being not the least bit idiotic or deranged.

P.S. Brian B in the comments asks: “If these crosshairs ‘trigger’ the mentally ill to shoot people, didn’t this Dan Savage imbecile just put a bullseye back on Giffords?” No, that’s not how it works, because it just isn’t.

Jim Treacher