Coburn ‘disgusted’ with the media

Will Rahn Senior Editor
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Senator Tom Coburn, appearing on Sunday’s “Meet the Press,” blasted the media coverage of political rhetoric in the wake of last week’s Tucson shooting.

“I’ve pretty well been disgusted with all the media, right and left, after this episode, because what it does is it raises and says there’s a connection and the president rightly said there was no connection to [the Arizona shooting],” Coburn told host David Gregory when asked about what the National Journal’s Ron Brownstein called “apocalyptic” political discourse.

Gregory, pressing the point, asked the Oklahoma Republican if he rejected “those who believe that the president wants to injure the country and that that will deny Americans liberty.”

“Of course I reject that, but the point is we’re spending all this time talking about something that has nothing to do with the events,” Coburn replied. “And what the real problems are we’re not spending time working on, and the fact is that we’re going broke.”