Stephen Baldwin apologizes to Hannity for threatening messages

Laura Donovan Contributor
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Stephen Baldwin publicly apologized to Sean Hannity Thursday for sending angry, threatening messages to the Fox News television host two weeks prior.

Upset that Hannity had joked about replaying clips from brother Alec Baldwin’s 2007 expletive-laden voice messages to Alec’s then 11-year-old daughter, Stephen blasted Hannity in the New York Post. Soon after, Stephen wrote Hannity’s producer and said, “That’s it, game on… [Hannity] will regret starting off the new year.”

Stephen told PopEater Thursday that he regretted getting worked up and engaging in a fight with Hannity.

“He, in my book, in my mind, he crossed the line again, but really specific to, on his radio program, playing that infamous voicemail that my brother left for his daughter which obviously to this day he feels terrible about,” Stephen said. “But when Sean played that again, it really caused a knee jerk reaction in me because it’s my brother. And what Sean I don’t think is taking into consideration there is, even though in Sean’s mind, ‘Hey, I’m using it in the context of my show,’ and whatever his motivation is, it’s hurtful to others, other members of my family, and for that I feel responsible.”

Stephen, a self-described born-again Christian, added that he’d like to be the bigger person and apologize.

“I did a very foolish thing, I didn’t practice what I preach, and I got angry and I kind of sent him a nasty text message and started this kind of new problem,” Stephen said. “And I’m here to…publicly apologize to Sean Hannity and say that I’m very sorry. That was not the correct thing to do, and I feel terrible about it. In turn, it became a much more exacerbated situation because he got upset and he got angry and kind of used his platform in a greater way to make the matters worse. So I just wanna call it even, and want to say Sean, from the bottom of my heart, God bless ya. I apologize and wanna take the higher road here, bury the hatchet and just hopefully start over.”