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The Washington Post’s Richard Cohen is totally civil, you guys

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Courtesy of James Taranto, here he is yesterday talking to Cohen, Fareed Zakaria, and that one French guy:

Bernard-Henri Lévy: Do you think Sarah Palin is stupid enough not to know what a blood libel is?
Richard Cohen: How much time do we have left to talk about how stupid Sarah Palin is?

Presumably, this is an example of “the new tone.” And Cohen actually thinks he’s defending her.

Go ahead and insult anybody you want. But please excuse me if I don’t take you seriously when you turn right around and call on the rest of us to be nicer to each other. As a wise man once said: Up your nose with a rubber hose.

In other words, I’m with Don Surber.

P.S. Some actual civility for a change..

Jim Treacher