Stewart invites Beck to ‘The Daily Show’

interns Contributor
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Say what you will about his politics, but comedian Jon Stewart has mastered the art of turning the other cheek: In response to a jab from Glen Beck, Stewart invited the Fox News host to appear on “The Daily Show.”

“Anything I said in jokes, no,” Beck said when asked about his contribution to the vitriolic political rhetoric. “Ask Jon Stewart, ask The Simpsons.”

Stewart responded by temping Beck onto his show with humorous rhetoric and a five-pronged chalk holder.

“I think Glenn Beck thinks I’m a cartoon character,” Stewart joked. “Glenn, here’s the thing my man. You don’t have to tell [“Today Show” host] Meredith Vieira to ask me! Ask me yourself…Glenn Beck, I would like you to be on our show.”

The invitation comes just a day after Stewart invited Sarah Palin to be a guest on his show, and several months after Stewart’s “Rally to Restore Sanity,” itself a direct response to the “Rally to Restore Honor” that Beck held in August, 2010.