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Here’s a knee update for those who care, and everybody else besides my mom

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Here it is at five weeks out:

Starting to look familiar, huh?

This week I went back to my surgeon, Dr K., and he said the x-rays look terrific. But… he wants me to keep my weight off it for another month. My knee says, “Thanks, that guy is a tub of crap!” The rest of my body says, “How much longer are we dragging this freeloader around?” Hobbling around on crutches is seriously annoying and exhausting, but I understand the need to make sure the knee’s all healed up before I start using it. It’ll happen. It’ll take a little longer than I expected, but it’ll happen.

At this point I’m exhausted pretty much all the time, and I can’t even carry a glass of water by myself, but the pain is getting better. I start physical therapy in earnest next week, and I’m looking forward to seeing what I can do.

It’ll be a year this Feb. 3. A year…

Jim Treacher