MTV to exclusively award digital content in new online awards show

Caitlin Emma Contributor
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Twitter users will have to step up their game if they want to compete in MTV’s new online-only awards show.

Mashable reported Wednesday that the new show, which is set to launch this spring, embodies MTV’s ongoing effort to merge with the digital realm.

“This will be the opposite of a TV awards show,” MTV Executive Vice President of Digital Media Dermot McCormack told Mashable. “Social conversation will be the centerpiece.”

Awards could honor popular phone apps, monumental tweets and revolutionary moments in social media. Kanye West may finally turn his infamous Twitter glory into a tangible award.

Audience participation will determine the majority of the awards, but MTV will also pick a few. Ideas for the award show will also come from MTV’s experimental “Twitter Jockey,” a web show that depended on social media activity to function.

“There’s a lot of constraints on TV,” McCormack told Mashable. “Digital, as a storytelling medium, has fewer constraints. We will look to innovate around how to take advantage of the tools the web offers.”