Hu sizes up the White House

Scott Wheeler | Former investigative journalist

There is jubilation throughout Beijing and Shanghai tonight as a triumphal President Hu returns to China after backhanding the President of the United States in too many ways to count. Actually, Hu didn’t even wait until he got back to China to start celebrating — he began his victory party while still at the White House. According to the Epoch Times, a global newspaper with an emphasis on Communist China, the musical guest performing at the White House state dinner that Obama threw for Hu, a pianist named Lang Lang, played a song widely known in China as an anti-American anthem. It is the theme song of a very famous Chinese movie.

“The film depicts a group of ‘People’s Volunteer Army’ soldiers who are first hemmed in at Shanganling (or Triangle Hill) and then, when reinforcements arrive, take up their rifles and counterattack the U.S. military ‘jackals’,” writes Matthew Robertson of the Epoch Times.

According to reports, millions of Chinese watched Lang’s performance on the Internet after being told in advance about the planned insult.

Just before Hu’s visit, the Chinese unveiled their new J-20 stealth fighter. They’re boasting that it is a great feat of engineering. What I see are stolen pieces of American ingenuity and brilliance cobbled together like they were made in a chop shop.

Much is being made right now of the F-117 stealth fighter that the US lost when Serbs shot it down in 1999 over Yugoslavia during what Serbs call “Monica’s War,” especially in light of the reports that China was there gathering parts from the downed plane. Whatever the Chinese collected from their scavenger hunt simply sped up the development process for what they had already bought or stolen directly from the United States.

The Chinese obtained stealth capabilities from substances that used to be mined and processed exclusively in the United States, where the manufacturing processes could be closely guarded. That is, until the Clinton administration shut down mines rich in material crucial to the development of stealth technology. Clinton then allowed Communist Chinese front companies to walk in and buy the entire means of production — even as they were producing critical parts for our most closely protected weapons systems — and ship those weapons factories to China. Career national security analysts warned the Clinton administration at the time of the dire consequences of allowing these technologies and manufacturing tools to leave the United States. Those analysts were harassed, threatened and fired for simply doing their job — protecting American national security.

It’s likely that parts of the J-20’s wings are made of a miraculous substance invented in a naval ordnance laboratory and stolen from that same laboratory by a spy posing as a student from China. That substance will increase the maneuverability of the J-20, thereby increasing its effectiveness when doing battle with American fighter pilots and in strafing runs at soldiers, or as they like to call us, “jackals.”

Now, media pundits and former State Department flacks insist that it would be bad for President Obama to bring up China’s human rights record in public because it would embarrass President Hu. Those issues, we are told, are best discussed behind closed doors. Not everyone on the Left agrees though. A story in the Washington Post quotes Tom Malinowski, the Washington director of Human Rights Watch, as saying “it’s important for Obama to ‘lay down a marker’ in his conversations with Hu” about how Chinese leaders oppress their own citizens. Whatever stealth markers Obama laid are meaningless because he has done so much to weaken his own country that such warnings are no longer credible. It is safe to conclude, then, that Hu is as likely to heed Obama’s suggestions on how to improve his country’s dismal human rights record as he is to thank the United States for providing China’s military with the technology responsible for its recent meteoric rise to prominence.

So in the end, while our leaders tried desperately to avoid offending Hu, the Chinese premier held a victory celebration in the White House. Obama sat through the entertainment staring down his nose at the spectacle as though the entertainers were his court minstrels performing for his pleasure, apparently oblivious to their flagrant mocking and ridiculing of him in the castle he borrowed from the American people.

Scott Wheeler is a former television producer, investigative journalist and author of the book Shadow Government: What Obama Doesn’t Want You to Know About His Czars. He is also the founder and Executive Director of the National Republican Trust PAC.

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